Amazon : Guardians of the isolated tribes

Peru, 2015



Isolated tribes still exist in today's society. Some have experienced the great period of rubber. And the trauma caused, thousands of Indians became enslaved, is sure that one of the reasons for their isolation so deep and so long in the Amazonian forest according to anthropologists. It's sort of a self-defense strategy. In Peru, the inhabitants of an indigenous community are the ancestral neighbors of a small group of Indians identified as Mashco Piro. But in 2011, this group began to penetrate the land of the community. Then, moved on to another community located higher up on the shore of Manu National Park. And, in May 2015, they have a little machining of an arrow in the heart. To try to understand this gesture it is necessary to take an interest in the relations between the indigenous communities and the Masco Piro. Relations governed by protection agents who ensure the protection of everyone. However, the Masco Piro are in great danger by exposing themselves each time a little more to the eyes of civil society: the disappearance of its people.


Amazonia, Peru, june-july 2015